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24 Kästle MX88

24 Kästle MX88

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The Kästle MX88 Skis define the "all-mountain" category in Europe, where many of the best skiers refuse to give up carving even in a ski they intend to take off-piste. Tenacious edge grip and an ability to hold an edge at speed regardless of the snow conditions is a given with Kästle, but the MX Series is the standard bearer and the MX 88 holds true to form. What's different is the Early Rise tip rocker and Hollowtech 3.0 tip that make this ski nimble and versatile enough for a multitude of snow conditions, as well as in bumps and trees.


Early Rise  Improves float and enables easy handling for on-piste and all-mountain conditions.

Standard Camber  With Sandard Camber, the ski center is clearly elevated and the contact points to the snow are far forward and back. The effective edge is longer and the ski initiates turns more quickly and precisely.


Elliptical Radius


Fast Grip Shovel  The Fast-Grip-Shovel is a short shovel in which the contact point and the widest part of the shovel are located far forward. This ensures a faster response at the beginning of the turn.

Fast Grip Tail  The Fast Grip Tail is designed with a contact point at the widest part of the tail, near the end of the ski. This results is a more aggressive and precise performance at the end of the turn.


Beech and Poplar Central Core with Poplar at the Edges


Hollowtech 3.0  The new, revolutionized HOLLOWTECH 3.0 has a two-tier construction: a new outer ring cuts out even more material and therefore even more weight. The size of the HOLLOWTECH is always precisely matched to the shovel of each particular model.


Classic Sandwich Sidewall Construction


Sintered Race Base

Binding Compatibility

We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.