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Marker Duke PT 16 2023

Marker Duke PT 16 2023

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Ride & Hike Toe
for great Royal Family downhill performance and release function combined with pin-technology for strong uphill performance; DIN 6 – 16

Convertible toe
Save 300 g per foot for the uphill

Anti Ice Rail
Use the metal rail to scratch off ice and snow below your boot sole

100 % boot -compatibility: Alpine, Touring and GripWalk soles

Inter Pivot 3 Freeride Heel
The newest generation; DIN 6-16 (Duke PT 16 only)

Magnesium parts
Magnesium heel housing for superior stability & light weight (Duke PT 16 only)

Auto Quad Lock Technology
4-point self locking toe part

Lock & Walk Brake
Including neutral walking mode and 10° climbing aid

Ride & Hike Hardcore Freeride

Brake width
100 mm / 125 mm

DIN range
6.0 - 16.0

Rec. skier’s weight
60 + kg

Stand height
24 mm

Toe system
Ride & Hike Toe

Afd Gliding Plate
Stainless steel

Inter Pivot 3

Black - Gunmetal

Uphill weight / Downhill weight (per piece)
1050 g / 1350 g