Marker Duke PT 12 2023
Tyrolia Attack 14 MN 2024

Marker Duke PT 16 2023


The Marker Duke PT 16 (DIN 4-16) combines the performance of a Jester with comfortable uphill properties of a pin binding. An absolute highlight is the innovative Ride & Hike toe. For walking mode the upper part is simply unlocked and tilted forward, uncovering the pin binding. To save swing weight the upper jaw part can be taken off and stored in the rucksack. The multi functional Lock & Walk unit automatically locks the brakes and provides a 10° climbing aid.

Ride & Hike Toe 
for great Royal Family downhill performance and release function combined with pin-technology for strong uphill performance; DIN 6 – 16

Convertible toe
Save 300 g per foot for the uphill

Anti Ice Rail
Use the metal rail to scratch off ice and snow below your boot sole

100 % boot -compatibility: Alpine, Touring and GripWalk soles

Inter Pivot 3 Freeride Heel
The newest generation; DIN 6-16 (Duke PT 16 only)

Magnesium parts
Magnesium heel housing for superior stability & light weight (Duke PT 16 only)


Auto Quad Lock Technology
4-point self locking toe part

Lock & Walk Brake
Including neutral walking mode and 10° climbing aid


Ride & Hike Hardcore Freeride

Brake width
100 mm / 125 mm

DIN range
6.0 – 16.0

Rec. skier’s weight
60 + kg

Stand height
24 mm 

Toe system
Ride & Hike Toe

Afd Gliding Plate
Stainless steel

Inter Pivot 3

Black – Gunmetal

Uphill weight / Downhill weight (per piece)
1050 g / 1350 g

Weight2 kg