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Nitro Squash Splitboard 2021

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Info Provided by Nitro

Splitboarding on pow days or a few days after in search of fresh snow is what it is all about and the Nitro Squash Split specializes in all sorts of conditions by prioritizing float through pow and offering a perfect blend of a Progressive Sidecutand Trüe Camber so you can lay into turns like you do it for a living. This DirectionalTapered Swallowtail Splitboard will allow you to ride and enjoy the turns you worked so hard to get with effortless style, while the Sintered Speed Formula HD Basewill allow you to get out of the flats with ease. If you are looking for a splitboard that will offer you the ride you deserve after hiking all the way up than look no further than the new Nitro Squash Split!

Sportmania’s opinion: The Nitro Squash Splitboard is one of Nitro’s top of the range splitboards. It’s a board that behaves very well in all conditions, comfortable on the track to carve curves, its shape gives it a very good behavior in powder snow. A Splitboard very well placed in terms of quality/price.