Flow Fuse – Fusion Strap 2021
Blizzard Brahma 82 2021

Flow Omni – Hybrid Strap 2021

$339.95 $305.95

Women who want a responsive binding, with an accent on support and comfort want the OMNI. The low, wide, reverse cut of the asymmetrical 1-piece UniBack highback provides ideal flexibility and support, while the all-new expanded-EVA ExoKush PowerStrap and Active Strap Technology double down on comfort and convenience.


  • Baseplates fuse-series: The FUSE-Series is a Glass-filled Nylon rockered baseplate, with Aluminum-alloy adjustable sidewings. This is a slightly softer baseplate compared to the NX2. but still very fun. direct and responsive, for riders that prefer the feel of a molded
  • Hibacks asym uniback: Our asymmetrical I-piece Uni8acks are lightweight Glass-filled Nylon hibacks. They deliver a balance of and comfort, and a perfect fit to follow the boot contour and canted riding angles. The all-new AXIS-Series Asym Uni8ack has a supportive spine with a more forgiving lateral flex, while the Fuse- series Asym Uniback has a wider range of support for
  • Powerstrap fusion: Fusion one-piece PowerStraps are 3D-shaped for a great fit, and cover a larger area of your foot for more comfort and control.
  • Exo-powerstraps FUSION EXO-KUSH: The expanded-EVA layer of the Fusion ExoKush strap provides a perfect combination of comfort, control and lightness as it locks together with the two ExoSpines for uncompromised performance and comfort.
  • Buckles: These innovative Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles give you the option to easily get in & out of your bindings any which way you like. Whether Set-it and Forget-it SpeedEntry, or side-entry like a 2-strap, they lock down to secure your preferred footstrap tightness.

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