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Rome Blur Snowboard 2018

Rome Sawtooth Snowboard 2018

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Size: 157cm

The Rome Sawtooth Snowboard is the perfect board for terrain park junkies to take their skills to big badmon natty terrain. With its aggressive directional shape that retains a centered stance, this board is a freestyle rider’s all-mountain dream. Crush deep pow lines or lay out heavy carves with Rome s Free-The-Ride camber profile, and leverage the carbon and bamboo reinforcement for a stiff, responsive ride that packs a punch on rollers, poppers, diving boards and spines alike. Ride natural terrain features like you do the park with the Rome Sawtooth Snowboard.

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Rocker Type
Free-The-Ride Camber – Rome integrates three distinct zones of camber in this shape. From the tail to just in front of the front foot, they use positive camber for the tail and mid body. In front of the front foot, we use a section of flat camber that transitions into a moderate amount of rocker in the nose. This is a highly versatile camber for freeriders who appreciate groomers, powder and variable snow. The positive camber section under foot and in the tail drives the power and edge control. The flat section keeps enough downward pressure on the contact points in the nose for proper turn initiation. And the rocker in the nose delivers the float in pow. The combination is a feel that rips carves and surfs in deeper conditions.

Response Rating – 8 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff)

Directional – These boards feature noses that are larger than their tails to help you ride faster in deep snow. The stances are set back slightly to maximize this sidecut-to-stance relationship.

Pop Core Matrix – Do-anything performance that balances lightness, response and strength with two zones of low-density wood. The everyday balance of response and lightness, this go-to design is built primarily of responsive, strong wood, with two zones of a lighter wood species.