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Rome National Snowboard 2018

$659.95 $461.97

Size: 154cm

For those of you who are happiest on a camber-dominant board, take a serious look at the Rome National Snowboard for your all-mountain freeride needs. All-terrain mastery stems from a lightweight, responsive SuperPop core combined with snappy 45 and 90 degree fiberglass and a carbon barrel down the middle for dampness, snap and power. The Rome National Snowboard was built for high speed riding no matter what the snow conditions look like – powder, mank and corduroy – the National eats it all up.

Rocker Type
Fusion Camber – Positive camber through most of the running length, with rocker starting just before the contact points. When loaded with rider energy, the contact points “roll back” giving the tip and tail a small amount of added rise.

Response Rating – 7 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff)

Directional Twin – These shapes are predominantly twin and drive the versatile, kill-anything performance of Rome’s all-mountain freestyle snowboards. From contact point to contact point (100% of the running length), these boards are twins — the shape and core profile in the front part of the board is the same as in the rear of the board. The non-twin portion comes when the nose and tail start to rise. In this shape, the distance from the front contact point to the top of nose is slightly longer than the distance from the rear contact point to tip of the tail.