Dalbello Panterra 85 W GW 2021
Dalbello Panterra 85 W GW 2021
Dalbello Krypton AX 110 2021
Dalbello Krypton AX 110 2021

Dalbello Panterra 95 W GW 2021


The Panterra 95 W GW with a Powercage design and medium-hard flex has been designed for sporty female skiers. It features numerous adjustment options and good power transfer.


The Panterra 95 W GW has been tailored to female skiers with high standards who demand both performance and comfort. The Powercage design and milled outer shell optimally distribute forces across the entire boot and reduce the weight without compromising on stability. The variable sole angle with a canting system under the foot and the adjustable cuff volume enable the boot to be customized as desired. This also improves the power transfer. The special women’s liner can be precisely tailored to the calf size and shape by being heated. Coupled with the GripWalk soles, hike mode with a 51° ski/hike range, and malleable outer shell, the Panterra 95 W GW offers maximum wearing and walking comfort. The cabrio design uses a three-piece structure to offer uniform flex with good shock absorption as well as lateral and rear support. The 3D grip texture furthermore makes the Panterra extremely robust.

Technical Specs
Last – 99-101 mm
Flex Index – 95
Skill Level – Intermediate

  • 3D Grip Texture
  • Special Women’s Low Profile Geometry Cuff
  • Variable Volume Shell Fit
  • Low Cuff Hinge Point
  • Dynalink Heel Retention System
  • Adjustable Rear Cuff Spoiler
  • Variable Ramp Angle
  • Replacement Toe / Heel Protector
  • Hike & Ride Mechanism
  • Flex Control
  • Inverted Forefoot Buckle
  • Cuff Movement (Fore 36/ Back 15)
  • Canting (Shaft Alignment)
Construction: Cabrio
Liner: TF Comp
Buckles: F-6 new
Strap: Power strap 40mm
Dalbello Fit Category: Medium Fit
Weight: 1785g

Sizing Chart

Weight2 kg
Dimensions45 × 40 × 14 cm



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