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The Nitro Zero is a snowboard binding developed above all for Freestyle enthusiasts and regulars in the snowpark. However, its intermediate flex and comfort allow easy use throughout the resort for those looking for a flexible and playful binding.

What is the program of the Nitro Zero Zero Worries binding?

The idea of ​​the Nitro Zero is to hold your foot well, without constraining you in your movements. For this, it has a refined instep strap as well as a fairly flat spoiler offering torsional flexibility. So you will have all the freedom of movement you need to tweak your grabs and do presses, while maintaining enough control and control to hit the slopes at full speed. Finally, the base is lined with EVA foam which, in addition to absorbing vibrations and shocks , tilts your foot 3 ° inwards to give you a less tiring and more natural riding position .

Who is the Nitro Zero Zero Worries designed for?

If you like bindings flexible enough to be able to place tricks easily and have a “loose” feeling for cruising on the tracks, the Nitro Zero is for you! It also allows you to start and progress throughout the resort .

What are the main assets of the Nitro Zero Zero Worries binding?

Freedom of movement