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Nitro Phantom Carver 2023

Nitro Phantom Carver 2023

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The Nitro Phantom Carver binding equipped with a 4mm Power Heel Frame providing unbelievably quick and precise edge-to-edge movements. The stiffer and beefier Premium Lock Down ankle strap lets you generate exact power from your hips to your feet. The X-Beam Carbon Highback will let you lay into deep carves and hold your edge with ease. Connecting turns with style is all about symmetry, and the 4mm Power Heel Frame´s canting allows you to quickly get into a heel-side turn and go deeper with less heel drag. Of course, a snowboard binding is only as good as its fit, and that is why this fully adjustable binding uses our Glass Fiber Reinforced Air 2.0 Base Frame. The Phantom Carver´s main objective is to make every turn better!



Glass Fiber Reinforced Air 2.0 Base Frame
X-Beam Carbon Highback
4mm Heel Rise


Medium: 7.0-10.5 US / 25.0-28.5 MP / 38.5 - 43.5 EU
Large: 11.0-14.0 US / 29.0-32.0 MP / 44 - 48 EU