Elan is a Slovenian company, located in Begunje, specializing in the production of sporting goods best known for its skis and snowboards.

The brand-name became better known in the 1970s, when Swedish skiing ace Ingemar Stenmark won three consecutive Alpine skiing World Cups on Elan skis.

Elan company changed the world ski industry by inventing shaped skis, also called parabolic skis, that made carve turns possible at low speeds and with short turn radius. They were first developed in 1988 by Jurij Franko, who calculated a suitable flex pattern for new kind of skis with his colleague Pavel Škofic. They organized a project dubbed SideCut Extreme – SCX – and set out to build prototypes. Introduced in 1993, the concept was initially pooh-poohed by other companies, but in secret they quickly started working on similar designs and such shaping was common by the 1995/96 model year.

In 1985 James Bond series A View to a Kill film with Roger Moore, the “Russians” were skiing on Elan skis.

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