Blizzard Sport GmbH is an Austrian alpine ski manufacturer based in Mittersill, Salzburg, Austria.

Blizzard was established in 1945 by Anton Arnsteiner (“der Toni”), as he returned home from the second world war, in the family joinery workshop, and started producing skis besides wooden furniture.

The Blizzard brand was registered in 1953. In 1954, Blizzard became the first manufacturer to mass-produced polyethylene ski bases. Blizzard’s first expansion occurred in 1957 as well as the introduction of metal and fiberglass as new materials. 1963 saw a great part of the factory burned down. In 1970, as production reached 500,000 skis per year, company name was changed from “Blizzard Skifabrik Anton Arnsteiner” to “Blizzard GmbH”. In 1976 a second production site was opened near Munich.

In 1980 Blizzard introduced the “Thermoski”, after 6 years of development. In 1996 Blizzard introduced the first Carving ski.

Blizzard eventually became a part of the Tecnica Group in 2006.

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